Pre-IB Summer Preparation Course

25th July - 12th August 2022

A perfect summer programme ahead of your IBDP journey. Join us for an introductory week, or address specific subjects!

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What is included:

Learn from anywhere!

Improve grades & confidence

Powerful online tools

Real-time small groups

Get a head-start on your IBDP studies this summer!

The IBDP can be daunting, and students often aren't aware of everything they should know, or aren't sure how to get themselves ready.

Our course comprehensively prepares you to hit the ground running for your final two years, explaining unfamiliar aspects like the Extended Essay and Internal Assessments, teaching you all the key subject knowledge you need to know from day 1, and sharing all of the revision and study tips that will give you a leg up right from the start.

EliteIB students enjoy learning

It was super great, very useful and interactive exercises. It was very helpful to have the time to work as a group after having completed a summary of a topic. I feel much more confident!

a man wearing glasses

Spring Course Participant 2022

She was incredibly understanding, and worked with us when we didn't understand. She went through the syllabus before each session and explained things I previously wasn't able to understand. I enjoyed all of the workshop.

a woman smiling for the camera

Summer Course Participant 2020

The tutor was well informed and provided great explanations with the right amounts of detail to ensure everyone's understanding.

a person wearing a graduation cap and gown

Summer Course Participant 2020

I really liked how interactive and structured the lessons were. Along with planning there were scheduled past paper questions practices at the end of each session.

a person with blonde hair

Spring Course Participant 2022

My favourite thing about the course was how focused and structured it was. We didn't waste any time covering content we already knew.

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Easter 2019 Participant, London

Design a summer course to suit your needs

Join us for a one-week introduction to the IB, or join for subject-specific booster courses.

Introduction Course (20hrs)

The one week introduction course is 4 hours per day, from 10-12, and 2-4 GMT+1, running Mon-Friday, totalling 20 hours. Perfect for students who are new to the IB, or want to consolidate their understanding of the programme and make a plan of attack to succeed in their 2 year journey.

This course includes
  • Reviewing IB subject selection
  • HL vs SL expectations & time allocation
  • IB assessment - exams & internal assessments
  • TOK, EE & CAS introduction
  • Essay writing in the IBDP
  • Time management & organisation
  • Using the IB for university applications

Booster Courses (12.5hrs/course)

For students keen to review difficult content from their pre-IB studies and get ahead of their IBDP. Review assumed knowledge sections of the syllabus, address problem syllabus areas and attempt IBDP level exam questions.
Booster courses are 2.5hours/day, running from 9.30-12.00 GMT+1 and then resume from 13.00-15.30 GMT+1, totaling 12.5hours/course.

This course includes

Your tutor will address the hardest bits of your pre-IB studies, address the 'assumed knowledge' portion of the IB syllabi and help you attempt new IB syllabus areas to give you a head-start.

Courses will be split by HL & SL attendees, and with sufficient registrations, by aptitude as well.

Eevening Sessions (1.5hrs)

Evening workshops addressing particular IB areas, to help set you up for success! They run from 16.00 - 17.30 GMT+1

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Time to tell us which subjects are you looking for?

For each subject selected below, click the subject name to see a unit breakdown and tell us if you take Higher or Standard Level. Then add them to your basket.

25th - 29th July
1st - 5th August
8th - 12th August

Introduction courses

Introduction to the IB: A one-week preparation course.

Booster courses

Maths AA HL
Maths AA SL
Maths AI HL
Maths AI SL

Evening taster workshops

TI 84 calculator usage
Essay writing
The 45 point 'trick' to gaming the system

Free Access to EE & TOK Online Courses

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EliteIB studends enjoy learningEliteIB students enjoy small classes

Students love it!

94% of our 2020 course attendees said they felt more confident in their subject after completing a workshop, and 92% would recommend EIB courses to a friend!

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EliteIB studends enjoy learningEliteIB students enjoy small classes

Prices that work for you

Introduction Course


• Perfect for students looking to prepare themselves fully for all aspects of the IB, learn all the ins and outs of the programme, and develop the core skills needed to excel over the two years

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Booster Courses - 12.5hours/course

1 subject

2 subjects

3 subjects

4 subjects

• 12.5hours/course

• Perfect for students looking to prepare for the content of their first year, and get a sense of the difference between HL and SL for your chosen subjects

• Students can also use our booster courses to help them decide what subjects they want to take, or understand what differentiates similar subjects like Maths AA and Maths AI

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Evening Courses - 1.5hr/course

1 subject

2 subjects

3 subjects

• 12.5hours/course

• Perfect for students looking to address a tricky subject

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Hear from our tutors

Finn Ford

IB score: 44
Subjects: Economics, History and English
University: UCL/ University College London

Powerful learning technologies
We know that amazing online learning doesn't happen without amazing tech. We've invested heavily in designing an amazing technology solution for our online courses, and carry out extensive training for all of our tutors who work on our courses. Using an amazing platform called which bolts on top of Zoom, our tutors bring learning to life with incredible features. Get ready for your most engaging online learning experience yet!

Your long-term support

As dedicated IB specialists, we're committed to delivering quality, bespoke learning to the global IB community. We train our tutoring team, invest in the best technology and closely monitor student attainment pre and post course to ensure you're satisfied with your results. That's why 97% of attendees recommend our courses to a friend!

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4.9 Student feedback rate
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EliteIB studends enjoy learningEliteIB students enjoy small classes

Information for Schools

Our Mid-IB Tuition Programme is the perfect complement to in school learning, allowing students to consolidate and extend their IB knowledge and skills over the summer break.

In 2022, we've worked with 20 schools around the world who have chosen to buy seats on our courses for their students, at discounted rates for volume. Work with Elite IB this summer to releive the burden on your class teachers, and help your students prepare for their final year.

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