IB Retake Online Exam Preparation Course

August 28th - October 21st

Prepare for November 2023 retakes in the International Baccalaureate Diploma with our comprehensive online tuition programme. Trusted by schools.

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What is included:

8-week online school

1.3 grade improvement in 2022

Powerful online tools

Real-time small groups

Talk to an advisor

Designed to support November retake candidates

For many students, November retakes are a mystery. Many IBO schools don't run a November session, and re-taking an entire year at school can be costly.

Designed alongside IBO professionals, this 8-week online programme is run by IB world school teachers in a powerful online environment. Re-watch lessons, receive exam-style support, re-submit internal assessments and even secure a local exam centre for the N23 exam session.

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With you until your exams

As dedicated IB specialists, this course and our in-house team of experts are here to support you from results day on July 6th until your exams in November. We are a trusted resource for IB students & schools around the world, and have worked exclusively in the IB ecosystem since 2006.

Not only will you have access to class recordings and lesson materials, but regular check-ins with our in-house team mean we can communicate with your parents & school directly to ensure everything is put in place for grade improvement during the November sessions.

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4.9 Student feedback rate
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EliteIB studends enjoy learningEliteIB students enjoy small classes

1.3 point grade improvement in 2022

This course was run in November 2022, with students joining from 28 schools around the world. 50% of the students have shared with us their exam results, which showed an average of 1.3 grade improvement from their previous results.

Return to pre-COVID exam standards +

The May & November 2023 exams sees IB exams return to pre-COVID standards. With recent grade inflation experienced due to ongoing uncertainty around COVID impacts in schools, components were removed from exams and in session mitigations took place. Click here to read the IB’s full breakdown of the exam changes, or follow the links below to watch our exam changes Q&A session or read our May 2021 exam report.

How do our courses work?

Easily accessible technical delivery

We know that amazing online learning does not happen without easy to use tech. We’ve invested heavily in designing an amazing technology platform for our online courses, and carry out extensive training for all of our tutors who work on our courses. Delivering our classes on Zoom and providing an Online Learning Environment via Neo, will give you the tools you need to maximise your engagement with the course and learning experience.

Ongoing resources and exercises

All the classes on the programme are recorded, that way you can keep learning and revising at your own pace, alongside class notes, exercises for each class and additional resources. Benefit from real-time learning, and find time to study and learn on your own to ensure success in November!

Course Schedule

Our course schedule works for students in virtually every time zone. You can view your preferred subjects below. Full courses run for 8 weeks.

Each SL course consists of a total of 40 hours of quality, small group teaching delivered in two 2 hour sessions and one 1 hour session each week. The HL classes have an extra 8 hours of tuition and so all three weekly sessions are 2 hours long.

Where there are two ticks in a row, these are different programmes, meaning you can sign up for whichever one works best for you.

Choose which subjects you’d like to see below

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Maths AA
Maths AI
Monday + Wednesday + Friday
Session 1
Session 2
Tuesday + Thursday + Saturday
Session 3
Session 4

IB Remarks & Retakes FAQ Session

A must-attend event for IBDP students and parents seeking to make the right choices after IB exam results are released after 3 years of disrupted learning.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Student success case study

"I feel that during the lead up to exams its really important to keep a schedule. I think Elite IB stood out because it was so so organized, you have a certain amount of lessons each week, you meet with the same teacher, and I felt like this was the best way to keep me on track for exams."
Isabel Ritchotte
Now at Durham University, UK

Course student 2020
Maths SL:
4 → 5
Biology SL:
6 → 7
Chemistry HL:
5 → 6

Why did you attend the retake course?


I feel that during the lead up to exams its really important to keep a schedule. I think Elite IB stood out because it was so so organised, you have a certain amount of lessons each week, you meet with the same teacher, and I felt like this was the best way to keep me on track for exams.

What would you say to someone considering the retake course?


I'd say go for it because its the best way to keep on schedule. I think when you're revising, it is the whole thing with little and often. I think so many students make the mistake of thinking I have a month for one exam and think they can cram the whole syllabus in 2 weeks but that's really not an effective way of revising.



I think my teachers were great. I think what‘s good with my teachers was that they were really always available. I remember redoing my Biology IA and emailing my teacher every day before the deadline with a new question. Something had gone wrong and she was always there to answer my questions and say that it's fine, you're not going to fail. She was always there to reassure me.

How was your experience as a whole?


I think Neo (the LMS platform) was really really useful. I think even if timings didnt work, it was so easy to drop back on a session if you’d missed it. If I had an issue within the session or if going back through my notes, I got confused about why I'd come to a certain answer in Maths then I could always go back and rewatch my teachers explanations so that was really useful for me.

Confidence? Feel prepared for upcoming retakes?


I think it was really useful having a teacher to ask all the questions you needed to ask at any time. Particularly now, teachers are dealing with even more stress, it was hard to get in touch with them. For me it was answering specific questions and covering the core material.

Endorsed by Schools

We have designed this programme in collaboration with multiple IB schools, to alleviate the burden on DP teachers & coordinators.

We're acutely aware of how difficult holding a November exam session can be, both teaching & exam provision.

My tutor is just amazing, she is really sweet and knows what she is teaching. she is very friendly so that makes asking things to her more easy and I can ask her anything very small in Chemistry without any hesitation.

a man wearing glasses

RAP Participant 2021

I like that she goes back to basics with everything and doesn’t assume we know how to answer the question. I like going through things from the very simple to the complex and I find it broadens my understanding

a woman smiling for the camera

RAP participant 2021

I enjoyed the style of the economics class, heavily focused on new content learning through power points and verbal questions. None the less there was a good balance of learning the course material and completing practice questions.

a person wearing a graduation cap and gown

RAP participant 2020

They had a unique teaching style which made each lesson enjoyable and a thing to look forward to. I quite liked how engaged the tutors were in the course, leaving no stone untouched and ensuring everyone understood the content.

a person with blonde hair

RAP participant 2020

"A great solution that will aid IB schools in registering Diploma students for re-take examinations. With this bespoke model of subject/topic review and revisit, EIB have removed a school barrier to student re-take access."
Chris Green
IB Consultant and Lead Educator
IBO Certified Workshop leader


Prices that work in your favour

Rather than paying for a full term or year at school, our pricing below allows for 48 hours of small-group tuition, lesson recordings, a fully designed self-learning technical environment, regular check-ins with your class teachers & IB coordinators and much more.

HL subject


• 48 hours of real-time learning

• Access to technical learning environment covering entire syllabus

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SL subject


• 40 hours of real-time learning

• Access to technical learning environment covering entire syllabus

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Would you like to re-do your Internal Assessments, or secure a local exam centre because your school won't be running November exams? Consider one of the options below.

IA package


• 6 hours of personal IA support with an IB world teacher

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Secure an exam centre


• Only charged if we secure you an IB exam center to sit your exams and arrange coordination

• Partnerships with exam schools in UK, Netherlands, Germany & Singapore

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